Sound, Your Way.

India’s first smart TV to embed Mimi technology that brings a sound personalization experience, adapting the sound as per your unique hearing ability giving you the most comfortable listening experience you have ever had.

Hear Healthy With
Your Hearing ID

Research suggests that around 55% of the adult population suffer with some hearing issues. Mimi is hear to change that. One of the unique features of Mimi is its hearing ID that is created using a user’s hearing ability and how it changes over time.

As we get an increasing number of personalized services, now personalized hearing is added to that list. The Mimi technology works by assessing an individual’s hearing ability and creating a customized audio preset for him. The audio is then processed by using this preset and then customized to your unique hearing ability.

Not A Word Missed,
Not A Beat Skipped

Mimi enhances the audio quality of music and movies where you can hear clearer dialogues and distinguishable beats, that lets you have an enjoyable sound experience. With improved speech clarity, your brain gets maximum information ensuring you don’t miss a word.

Designed For Your Ears

A marvel of hearing science and audio engineering, Mimi comes with preset of thousands of hearing profiles that allows it to personalize a user’s audio. The user’s hearing profiles are classified through testing and demographics, so that the audio is tailored to people’s hearing ability.

There are two types of fitting available for Mimi:
Based On Hearing Test
  • Each user’s hearing profile is assessed
  • A comprehensive and unique hearing profile is created for each user
  • Syncs user’s individual hearing profile with hundreds of parameters in Mimi’s processing algorithm
Based On Demographics
  • Demographic information helps in personalization
  • Contains database of 1.000.000+ hearing tests
  • Offers instant sound optimization

Up The Excitement,
Not The Volume

Now you don’t need to make an extra effort to listen to your favourite shows because of environment noise. Mimi helps in optimizing audio that ensures nothing is lost, even in lower volumes. As the spoken content is vivid, listening to podcasts or audiobooks are pleasurable.

Smooth Listening Experience

Listening for longer hours on high volume can be extremely harming to your ears. But with Mimi, you are free of any such worries. It reduces the fatigue and lets you immerse completely in whatever you are watching or listening.

Prolonged listening at high volumes can be detrimental to hearing health. Listening with Mimi enables the user to listen at reduced volume levels without any loss of detail.